Two Rejections, A Cable Bill, and My Conviction Record

This is what I had in my mail yesterday. The rejections came from places that I sent my resume to for Seattle, and that don’t want me to work for them. The Cable Bill speaks for itself. The Conviction Record comes from my defense of the 1st Amendment in Provo, Utah which lead to a Disorderly Conduct finding. Nazis.

The most troubling of course is the rejections. The better part of my life has been spent dealing with rejections, but I never really have dealt with mail rejections. I never was rejected from any of the colleges or grad schools that I applied to. I never applied to multiple jobs because I just stuck with the first job which accepted me. Now, I am continually being bombarded with written recognitions that I am not good enough to work for people and it is seriously bothering me alot more than I thought it would. I keep saying I am not a career driven person, but I hate setting myself out to fail as well.

It makes me think of Condelezza Rice. Granted, I am no fan of Ms. Rice, but I just think that putting yourself up for questioning and scrutiny not only from senators but from millions of Americans who are watching is incredibly brave. I don’t think that I could stand to have my credentials and ethics questioned in that way. I hate it in court when people question my motivations. I try to be nice and straightforward to everyone, and the penalty for blatant honesty in court is to have people constantly calling you names. Now I have to put my credentials out there again in order to find a new job and well, I just don’t take the constant humbling well.

But here is the good news – my dentist yesterday told me that I had perfect teeth. That works out nicely for one as orally fixated as I am.

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