Speaking of negligence

Now I have really neglected the blog. I get so lazy. And then I get so bored and think, why did I stop blogging? Then I think, what is the point of blogging? Then, I think it is all self-congratulatory b.s.. Then, I hate blogging. Then, I think that I really like the self-affirmation of blogging. Then, I realize I have nothing to say. Then, it bothers me that I have nothing to say because I feel like I used to have so much to say. Then, I think that it is because I stop writing things down that I no longer have anything to say. Then, I realize I should start blogging again.

It has been a rainy, not snowy winter in New York. But in spite of that small respite, I hate this winter here more than ever. How long until I move to Seattle?

October, November, and December were nice – Seattle or some other vacation every two weeks. Now I have to wait until President’s Day weekend until Seattle. That blows.

This blog sucks. It is all about my vacation plans. But when I am not here in New York is the only time that anything good seems to happen.

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