Search and Seizure

I saw Garden State again last night. Yesterday was a crappy day at work, spent dealing with a no-nothing detective who thinks that the Constitution is an “optional” institution. It is annoying to deal with a detective just that idiotic, because it makes me lose the positive view of police that I had slowly cultivated from so many positive interactions with NYPD officers and detectives. We were referred too many remand cases that came in yesterday when I was on intake, which means that the day I was going to call in sick next week now will be spent conducting probable cause hearings for kids that should be paroled home were it not that their attitudes were so terrible and that their parents cannot provide any measure of supervision.

I think that my love of Garden State has alot to do with a well-ordered soundtrack that uses the exact right songs at the exact right moments. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with the person that introduces one to The Shins, especially the song “New Slang”? That movie makes me sappy and emotional for reasons far too personal and embarassing to confess, but last night it also left me feeling like dancing my way up 2nd Avenue to go home. I think more New Yorkers should spontaneously break out into Grand Jetes and pique turns on their way home in the evening.

The Republicans are invading New York this weekend, calling upon my liberal sensitivities to join in the protests. I have been thinking more about going to these Buddhist lectures about political consciousness, because I don’t want my form of protest, or the protest that I participate in to become another manifestation of violence. There is so much to be angry about politically right now, and yet I don’t think acting upon anger alone produces anything good. I am just afraid I am going to go to the protests this weekend and become disillusioned by all of the sound-bites and expressions of resentment, without anything substantial to back them up. I get annoyed by ignorance and needless name-calling on all sides.

“When we meet on a cloud, I’ll be laughing out loud, I’ll be laughing with everyone I meet. Can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all.”

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