My friend Neil is in NYC on his honeymoon with his new wife, Sherisa. Today they said they would come to Bronx Family Court and watch one of my trials. That has to be one of the most depressing activities that any newlywed couple can participate in. This place forces me to be here and on most days I want my eardrums to burst, just so I will be free of listening to one societal failing after another. I don’t know who to blame for the stories that I hear anymore. It only seems like they are all the product of apathy of some party or another. Some days I want to blame a child’s parents, the next day I feel ready to pounce on every yuppie in Manhattan who only comes to the Bronx to catch an ocassional Yankee game from their corporate box seats.

Now that I think about it again – maybe every newlywed couple should be forced to come to the Bronx Family Court. I doubt people like Neil and Sherisa will ever need court involvement to settle anything amuck in their family. I spent my entire childhood and never once had to see the inside of a courtroom – except when I participated in the Mock Trial competition in high school. But even for families who do not run the risk of Family Court involvement, maybe they should be required to see the inside of the Family Court so that they can be grateful for what they have, and learn that they should care about others who don’t have their same resources.

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