Dis Con

I am disgusted with Dick Cheney. He has been critical of Kerry all week because Kerry said that he would fight a “more sensitive” war on terror. So basically, Dick Cheney, in political terms, has called Kerry a pansy, stating that the US has never won anything by waging a more sensitive war. Of course warmongers everywhere agree with Cheney’s point – it’s Sherman’s march to the sea out there – “War is Hell” so it is better to rape and pillage because those are the only tactics that work. I liked Kerry’s point – we have to be more sensitive to the world before taking military action. We have to be aware that, for example, in military conflict in our age, the victims of bombing and bloodshed are for more likely to be civilian non-combatants than the supposed terrorist fiends against whom we are fighting. We have to be aware of the limitations of military conflict – that bombs don’t change people’s minds, it only makes them more resolved to beat us to the punch. Our tactics in the world so far have not worked, being less sensitive has only caused us to lose respect, even from our allies, and to allign terrorists against us. Being more sensitive in the war on terrorism enables us to see that there are more layers and more nuances to our enemies and their grievances against us.

I am at work. We just had several complaining witnesses in our office. They were all about 18, and they bothered me alot – because they made some of the most absurdly homophobic statements I have heard in a long time. These are not Bible-thumping conservatives either. They are kids in the Bronx who have had alot more action than I have ever known or will ever know. I am greatly disturbed by this, because kids in the inner-city are some of the most homophobic people on the planet. I have seen too many assaults targeted at other children because of their sexual orientation. And my officemate almost made it worse by offerring to read a list of Governor McGreevy jokes that was just sent around our office email. Luckily I stopped him. The last thing we need is to give kids in the Bronx more homophobic ammunition. Of course, these are also kids who haven’t learned about respecting women yet either – they had naked pictures of women saved on their cell phones.

Tonight I am going to eat dinner at Mesa Grill, which should be good and relaxing. Bobby Flay will keep me from more opinionated outbursts.

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