My first blog. I abandoned Live Journal because the quality of my postings left something to be desired. Too much information – not a good thing.

Leave things in generalities – that is what I have learned. It is silly to miss someone when they are generally absent from your day to day life. But Alaska is even more absent. It is one time zone further away than Seattle.

I have a disturbing obsession with the Mark Hacking case. Maybe because I fear being in love with someone and going to sleep one night and then not waking up again because that person that you love cuts your throat. It is perhaps a little far-fetched, but who can you trust?

I have to start regularly attending the New York Sports Club, even though it is a distressing place full of young stockbrokers and executive assistants who have to make themselves look acceptable for martini hour.

Is it more or less distressing than Coney Island, where I spent Saturday night? The Bumper Cars at AstroLand are set up against an airbrushed backdrop of the Statue of Liberty, a NASCAR, a football player, Captain America, and scantily clad busty women. Aahh America (It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw).

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